Fashion Advice: Getting Rid of Scratchy Tags

Fashion Advice: Getting Rid of Scratchy Tags






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Dear budget Fashionista-I have a substantial problem..I’m an extreme budget shopper and purchase most of my clothing from thrift stores and bulk discount stores like big Lots. While I find terrific deals at these places, I nearly always have to deal with itchy, scratchy labels and tags. Is there any way to control these tags without removing the tag?Answer: I hate scratchy tags, too. There’s nothing a lot more annoying to me than a tag that digs into your neck/side/back. There’s an alternative to cutting the tags out. The Hollywood Tape folks, also invented a product called “Hollywood Tag Tamers”, which are pieces of clear smooth fabric that you can place over your tags to stop itching. You can purchase a box, retail price $8.95, online at On the cheaper side, you can also try using clear packing tape to lay the label down, but be careful…. the adhesive from the tape might leave some residue on the fabric.

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