What Do You imply purse Guitar Strap?

What Do You imply purse Guitar Strap?

Well first of all, it’s not for an actual guitar.

Yes musicians have used guitar straps over the last few decades. However, there are special ones made for those. but we can’t let the musicians have all the fun, now can we! As a handbag designer who’s first profession path was in the music industry, this was not a stretch at all. actually I am a little amazed I didn’t start making them sooner. The hardest part is researching ribbons and finding the best ones. but after the first run we did last year, I kinda got an eye now for what will make an awesome and many importantly versatile purse guitar strap.

Of course lately, I’ve been seeing much more and much more straps on the market, but so numerous are made so cheaply (and in China), so be careful when purchasing. I wanted mine to be very resilient and comfortable and as a leather goods brand, having a leather backing was essential to me. Some are made with webbing or no backing at all, so if you are into fast fashion those are for you. but if you want something that will last, it’s good to invest in a high quality strap. plus it’s the easiest way to add new life into an older bag!

In the video below, I showcase all our new straps and some of my favorite leather pairings. (time: 3 1/2 minutes)

I’m drawn to the guitar strap for its comfort and our fun prints. I need a hands-free, crossbody bag for my lifestyle, and might as well have fun with the look. The broad strap is so comfortable that you can hardly feel it. Ours are 2 inches broad helping them to lay across the body in a much more flattering way, even if you have a larger bust. but of course, you can wear it over one take on as a take on bag if that’s much more your cup of tea.

Adding a guitar strap to a bag was a newish trend about five years ago. yes it’s having a big moment best now, but the options are large and the style so much fun! and personally I think it’s a style that’s here to stay and won’t look dated any time soon. Talk about adding personality to your bag and your look instantly. and it’s ageless too! who else is wearing, or is interested in wearing, guitar straps on their bags? here are a few of my favorites from our newest collection.

It was also essential to me to make them longer than you typically find. I hear from tall women all the time how aggravating it is when a crossbody strap is too short. beside these are adjustable so with a little extra length it works for everyone. The essential when pairing them with your bag is to not worry about matching your leather bag exactly. As long as the color is in the straps print or compliments it well, it’ll work great! just be careful when wearing prints, a smaller print like polka dots or stripes work well, but nothing very complicated.

So go ahead and have some fun! now is certainly the time.

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