Valentino Bets big with new logo Hardware on a Rockstud-Free handbag for spring 2019

Valentino Bets big with new logo Hardware on a Rockstud-Free handbag for spring 2019

The truest thing I can say about Valentino‘s spring 2019 bags is that they were one of the weaker parts of the brand’s runway show, but that’s not as much of a criticism as it sounds like—the clothes in the collection were utterly and exuberantly gorgeous, so much so that I feel compelled to mention them in a review of the bags, which has happened very rarely over the years. If you haven’t looked at the collection in full, you won’t regret taking a few minutes to enjoy it.

The bags were a bit ambitious too, both in what they included and what they largely avoided. the most obvious addition was a new logo hardware piece that adorned almost all of the bags, fitted with a distinct, dangling pull that blazed Valentino red on most of the designs. A chain-strap flap bag was the only version that opted for a tonal tassel, and those were my favorites of the group.

The emphasis on roomy shoulder bags felt buyer-friendly and modern, but I can’t quite convince myself to love the execution—how the encircled V sits didn’t, uh, sit quite right with me, and neither did the execution of the thick-strapped shoulder bag that most of the models carried. I could see it being refined into something great in future seasons, though, and I’m happy to see Valentino meaningfully move on from Rockstuds, at least on the runway. some of the collection’s oversized totes, which somehow managed to be both distinct and minimalist with some clever execution, featured a small, simple stud as a handle attachment, but that’s the only place they were found on the brand new designs. check out all the bags below.

[Photos via vogue Runway]

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