J.Crew Luciana Minaudiere

J.Crew Luciana Minaudiere

We’ve seen so much industrial toughness and rough leather recently that something ladylike serves as a refreshing counterpoint. I love all of those trends, but a handbag addict cannot survive on studs alone. There is an huge gamut of looks out there to be explored and tried, and you may feel like difficult black leather on one day and sweet lace on the next.

And if you find yourself in the search of something decidedly soft and ladylike, may I suggest the J.Crew Luciana Minaudiere.

The essential to this bag’s whole look is the vintage-looking black lace that covers the champagne silk. It has a thickness and presence that keeps the bag from being too twee and saccharine, but the lace and color combination insure that it’s still very feminine. It’s hard to walk that line, but they’re doing it very well here.

I’m not entirely sure that I could fit my Blackberry into this, but it would be worth a shot if I had something to carry it to. I think of it with a sharply tailored, 50s-inspired black cocktail dress and hair with soft, Old Hollywood waves. Or, on any of the much more glamorous women that occupy the mad men universe. For a very sensible price, you could have it in your own closet. purchase through J.Crew for $148.

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