Gucci web Guccisima Hobo

Gucci web Guccisima Hobo

What is this? Do my eyes deceive me? have I gone delirious from as well numerous hours spent clacking away at my computer keyboard? have the economic downturn gods selected to radiate down upon us for a brief, fleeting, lovely moment?

Has Gucci released a leather hobo with a cost tag substantially under $1000? since it appears like that’s precisely what the Gucci web Guccisima Hobo is.

I’ll be directly with you on this – it’s not going to win any type of awards for ingenious design. It’s a black leather hobo with Guccisima embossing as well as a extremely easy closure. however what it is is completely practical as well as neutral; the type of bag that every lady needs one of in her closet. It’s a go-anywhere, do-anything kind of purse.

And since of the extra-long lead time between when a bag is developed as well as when it lands in stores, I question this is any type of kind of nod to the present economic climate. however it is especially opportune, as well as perhaps a bit boring, however a bag that many people would most likely discover a utilize for if they had it in their closet. as well as at this cost point, a great deal much more people can add it to their collection than may have before. purchase with Saks for $875

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