STL style & Beauty: What Your Zip Code Says about Your Face

STL style & Beauty: What Your Zip Code Says about Your Face






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Ladies, I am a RoC Skincare Ambassador, which means RoC compensates me for sharing my experiences with the brand. rest assured, all opinions are my own.

St. Louis is not a poor hometown for fashionistas: we have our own fashion week, a new fashion incubator, a truly healthy athleisure culture (meaning it’s 100% STL style to wear cute workout clothes to Schnucks) and, of course, the Cards — our beloved team that spawns so many fun, hometown fashion opportunities.

Now for the downside. According to the 3rd annual Wrinkle Ranking by RoC® Skincare as well as Sperling’s Best Places, St. Louis is No. 17 on the listing of the predicted 50 most wrinkle-prone cities in 2040. For two points of reference, both the Los Angeles metro at 25 as well as Las Vegas at 37 have fewer wrinkles in their futures than we do.

Changing the Future of Wrinkles in St. Louis

One factor that heavily influences St. Louis’ wrinkle ranking is smoking rates. For 35 of the 50 cities ranked, experts anticipate that smoking rates will pattern close to zero — however not in St. Louis, Kansas City or Nashville. as well as since STL is predicted to retain higher smoking rates, our skin (collectively) will show the impact. If you requirement some additional proof on that, see this article from WebMD, which states “Smoking changes the skin, teeth, as well as hair in ways that can add years to your looks.” The photo will shock you.

What do you say, my fellow St. Louis fashionistas, about lowering our wrinkle risk? discover a method to stop smoking as well as persuade every other smoker in your life to do the same. (I understand wrinkles are the least of your worries if you do smoke, however hey, it’s worth a shot.)

And if you don’t smoke, take action to keep your skin healthy year-round:

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STL Style: Hometown Honor Picks

St. Louisans are a competitive bunch, so I’m hopeful we’ll enhance our wrinkle ranking next year. as well as if you contribute to the motion by making a healthy modification in your life, why not celebrate with a hometown garment or accessory? I went on the hunt to discover St. Louis themed fashion pieces (besides Cards jersies since we all already have one of those) — as well as right here are my preferred picks.

St. Louis Skyline T

St. Louis Skyline T, $15.95, Etsy

Cards Chambray Shirt

Cards Antigua Chambray Shirt, $49.99.

Cards Keds

A fundamental Ked with red stitching as well as the Cards logo. Keds Championship Sneaker, $44.96, Nordstrom

Cards Earrings

St. Louis Cardinals Earrings, $10.95, Carroll’s Sports Cove

Splurge: Coordinates Rings

Coordinates legend Ring, $110, Coordinates

Coordinates makes rings, bracelets as well as necklaces that are engraved with your own coordinates. For reference, St. Louis coordinates are 38.6270° N, 90.1994° W. These are definitely a splurge purchase, however so clever!

How do you show off your STL style?

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