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Our Review: Bonanza seriously has everything. Our prior experiences with other massive, user-run e-commerce sites have taught us that often this plethora of options is really detrimental to our search as well as scary too.

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However, with the very first click on, our fears flew out the window as well as we became unexpectedly inspired. We understand this sounds cheesy, however there is something so pleasing about the format as well as style of this site that we were no longer anxious that we’d miss the ideal product or get bombarded with undesirable sales.

It’s wonderfully simple. If you’re looking for antique jewelry, you choose the classification as well as up pops a clean layout of photos with prices. Each seller has a feedback score as well as his or her own policies relating to shipping, payment, etc.

Yeah, so? That sounds a great deal like eBay to you? Well, all of the things we don’t like about eBay are things we love about Bonanza.

For one, the feeling of security on this site is far superior. You can even online chat with a seller (or buyer, depending on which you are) as well as ask them questions about the product for sale. Secondly, you don’t have to understand what you’re searching for to discover it. Users produce “Hand Picked Lists” that are theme-based compilations of items for sale. These can variety from “beautiful antiques for home,” to something absolutely abstract like, “the boldness of red as well as black.” Finally, there are no bidding wars. Some people love this adrenaline-pumping routine however we don’t. Oftentimes the vendors on Bonanza will provide you a flat cost or offer for the best offer.

We found, after perusing the site, the slogan “find whatever however the ordinary” holds true. The items you will come across are not the typical, mass produced ones that you can get somewhere else on the web. They are unique, antique (rhyme!), as well as interesting.

Be warned: Not whatever on this site is affordable, by any type of means. I came across a $10,000 Hermes Birkin on the handbag sister-site, Bag Bonanza. however different vendors run discount sales as well as there are so lots of options that you are bound to discover a offer or at least something you enable yourself to splurge on.

Our Verdict: Yea! photo yourself at a flea market, browsing with items you understand you want while stumbling upon those you had no concept were for you. This is Bonanza.

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